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What’s Next

As CEO, Principal and Creative Director at TRIO, I wake up daily to various messages asking, “what’s next?” What project is next, what’s trending in the market, what’s next in design…

When I sit down to answer these burning questions, I usually draw inspiration by trusting in my belief that all beautiful things are genuine, marked by mastery of talent, and drawn from a deep understanding of time and space. This, in turn, inspires me to create designs and products which are fresh and withstand the test of time – items that can be used in my daily work as a designer. It’s these questions and concepts that led to collaborations with companies like Phillips Collection and TileBar. Rewarding partnerships that resulted in top-selling collections which can be found online at places like Home Depot and Wayfair. It’s validation that our work at TRIO, and what we learn with builders and developers on the commercial side, translates to residential projects and works just as well for the typical home owner.

At TRIO we see beauty and find inspiration in authenticity, simplicity, art, comfort, nature, technology, and travel. I’ve created this ‘What’s Next’ Look Book that takes these principals to heart and delivers my vision of what’s on the horizon. It’s my hope that these stories will find connection, light a spark, evoke emotion and, above all, enhance your lifestyle and allow you to, Live Beautifully!

See What's Next


Coconut Milk

As we continue our quest for a healthier lifestyle, new products, such as COCONUT MILK, are becoming more common in our everyday lives. This shift in lifestyle is influencing design as we start seeing softer, more simplified color palettes in the market. The white color of coconut milk has become one of the most popular colors for fall and winter with its barely visible, creamy infusion into standard white. This addition lends a sense of softness, perfect for so many things. Non-gloss tiles, textures, cotton or linen are the perfect materials to take advantage of the silent power of this color.



Using the principles of neuroaesthetics – a branch of science that explores how visual aesthetics can impact our brains and physiology, we seek to find soft colors and tactile textures that compliment one another. In times of uncertainty people find comfort by seeking the support of their community and the feeling of UNITY. This collection brings people, places, spaces, and textiles together, in perfect harmony, and inspires a life that is more beautiful when spent together.



WATER is one of the most important resources on planet Earth and, although scarce in some areas, for most people it’s symbolic of life and vital energy. We are surrounded by water’s reflected beauty, its varying shades of color, movement, and the inspiration it provides can be found almost everywhere. From the soft tones of turquoise to bold, saturated tones of royals, we celebrate what water brings to our well-being through magically curated tiles, textures, and accessories.


Wild Experiences

We live in an experience economy. People are constantly being encouraged to discover their own adventurous experiences whether through travel, dining, luxury, leisure, fashion or interior design. The WILD EXPERIENCES Collection is a celebration of time, memories, and unique life opportunities that are as unique as the person living in that moment. Life is an adventure and the environments and products that surround us should illustrate this journey. The beauty of this collection of textiles, furniture, tile and fabrics is found in the unique and personal stories it evokes.


Playful Living

PLAYFUL LIVING brings a unique, raw, and exciting new outlook on a timeless approach. Think fashion meets interior design, and it never
gets old. Nowadays designers manifest their diversity everywhere and in every way. Whether its combining skirts with trousers or finding materials, shapes and textures that seem tailored for a party that never ends. Lurex, geometric wool, silk threads, tutu skirts, gloss and glitter are all inspirations for this new collection. We accept the challenge of these fearless founders and say hello to a fusion of fashion and interior design to establish this perpetually moving collection.


Seeking Identity

Personalization has become increasingly important in a world of technology and fast-moving changes. People are constantly seeking out novel ways to express and differentiate themselves. The SEEKING IDENTITY Collection is a unique approach to tile that celebrates full, figurative murals while also being able to mix and match the same tile, independent of the mural, for an exciting, more abstract aesthetic. An innovative approach for impact walls and floors, perfect for commercial, multifamily, and hospitality projects.


Gypsy Waves

Calm, quiet, drop-shadows are the inspiration behind the new definition of GYPSY WAVES. No longer is Gypsy categorized as your besties’ Bohemian style, but rather a slow-moving art form created naturally through space and time. This collection is made up of quiet, directional movement and shadow caps to create an exciting and moving artistry of time. Shadows are captured throughout different times of the day and help create the perfect directional tile design and stories of a certain place, time, and equitable balance.

Let’s Collaborate

Together We’ll Create Something Incredible

After very successful partnerships with Phillips Collection and TileBar, Angela is excited to share more of her creativity, knowledge, and design expertise with other brands and products. With a master’s degree in Sustainable Design, Angela brings a passion for environmentally responsible solutions that consider how a space impacts the health and happiness of the people who use it. Having established a reputation for designing environments which seamlessly blend marketing, design, wellness and sustainability, Angela is currently leading the charge to incorporate WELL Building Standards into production and multifamily housing.

Benefits when partnering with Angela include the fact that her interior design firm, TRIO, is one of the most highly regarded, fastest growing design and visual merchandising firms in the nation, and is considered the international leader in creative, market-driven design. TRIO has generated over $7B in revenue for builder and developer partners and, over the past three years alone, purchased and placed over $28M worth of product and merchandise. As a Top 100 Giant, TRIO’s work is regularly featured in national publications and has won over 80 national awards. This type of merchandising and marketing presence goes a long way towards strengthening any brand or product.

For manufacturers interested in partnership opportunities we welcome the chance to speak with you.

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